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Betsy Stewart

Using biomorphic imagery, Betsy Stewart’s work examines the microscopic, symbiotic life systems found in pond water. In giving these images a presence, her work speaks to our fragile position in the cosmos. Moreover, Stewart’s paintings, along with her cubic and totem sculptures, explore the regenerative symmetry inherent to the morphing of the natural world. Her work encourages the viewer to consider the unseen minutiae that is present in our micro/macro universe.

Betsy Stewart is a Washington, DC based artist. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, and her work is included in several prominent public and private collections, including the Kreeger Museum and the Corcoran Gallery of Art.


Betsy Stewart: Capturing the Microscopic Cosmos

Monochrome Effect, 2012

Fluid Lines

Where Magazine, 2011

A Fusion of Art and Biology in Painting

Cosmos, 2007

Betsy Stewart: Pond Totems

Washington Review, 2001

Drama in a drop of water: the paintings of Betsy Stewart

The Lancet, 2000